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All attendees must present a valid piece of photo ID to be admitted.

Registration Type Open* Price (taxes included) Payment Method
Online Until October 22rd $18.00
(includes $5 in coupons!**)
Online via PayPal
(Credit cards & debit)
  • October 11th
    11am - 6pm
  • October 17th
    3pm - 8pm
  • October 22nd
    3pm - 8pm
(includes $5 in coupons!**)
Cash only at the Otakuthon Office
At the door From 5pm - 11pm on
October 25th
(includes $5 in coupons!**)
Cash only at the event
Children 12 and under From 5pm - 11pm on
October 25th
Free admission
(Max 3 per adult - no coupons included)
Must be accompanied by an adult who paid to attend (pre-registration or at the door) and have a piece of photo ID

*Payments may be refused/cancelled if tickets are sold out.
**Coupons can be exchanged for matsuri games and food!

Online Pre-registration

Don't take a chance by registering last minute, reserve your ticket right now!


In-Person Pre-registration

The Otakuthon office is located on Decarie Boulevard near the Snowdon metro station. Office payments (cash only) can only be made on Saturday October 11th from 11:00am till 6:00pm, Friday October 17th from 3:00pm till 8:00pm and Wednesday October 22rd from 3:00pm to 8:00pm at:

Otakuthon Office
5139 Decarie Boulevard, Suite #215
Montreal (Quebec) H3W 3C2

Door registration

The event will be held at the Centre Jean-Claude-Malépart near the Frontenac metro station. Door payments (cash only) can only be made on Saturday, October 25th from 5:00pm to 11:00pm at:

Centre Jean-Claude-Malépart
2633, rue Ontario Est
Montreal (Quebec) H2K 1W8

Note: Registration will be open till midnight for weapon check and for lost and found objects.

For any registration questions, feel free to email halloweenreg@otakuthon.com

Matsuri Games


Scoop the Goldfish


Going with the theme of a Japanese matsuri festival, we’ve got traditional matsuri games! Scoop the Goldfish for only $2.00 and see if you can win at this technically challenging game! It takes patience and a steady hand, do you have what it takes?

Note: No actual goldfish are harmed in the making of this game. We'll be using plastic fish, with respect to certain local laws.

Prize: 1x Halloween Chocolate or Candy for each fish scooped

Consolation prize: 1x Halloween Chocolate or Candy


Yo-Yo Balloon Fishing


If scooping the goldfish is too easy for you, why not try something a little harder with yo-yo balloon fishing also for $2.00 ! Let’s see if you can master the game and be the ultimate winner.

Prize: 1x Japanese Yo-Yo Balloon

Consolation prize: 1x Halloween Chocolate or Candy


Ring Toss


Wanage is a name used for a rings toss game. It is a traditional matsuri game played at festivals in Japan. The goal is very simple: Just toss the rings into the target to score points!

Prize: 1x bottle of Ramune

Consolation prize: 1x Halloween Chocolate or Candy


Shoot the Plushie


This is where playing Halo and other first-person shooters comes in handy! Shoot our adorable, fluffy plush friends for $2.00 to see if you can win the prize. Your honour and reputation are at stake, don’t fail now!

Grand prize: 1x Official Otakuthon merchandise!

Prize: 1x Glowstick

Consolation prize: 1x Halloween Chocolate or Candy




Come and get your fortune! Will you score excellent luck this year, or is something dark and ominous in your future? Take a chance, and for $1.00 per fortune, you can keep coming back until the otaku deities give you what you want!

Prize: 1x Good Fortune :D + 2x Chocolates or Candies

Consolation prize: 1x Bad Fortune D: + 2x Chocolates or Candies


Haunted House


What’s a Halloween party without a Haunted House? Get ready to scream and be creeped out by our scaaaaary displays and maze of doom! At just $4.00 per run, you can go again and again until your little heart can’t take the freakiness anymore! Are you brave enough to try it?

Prize: FunTimes™

Consolation prize: 1x continued life

Official Otakuthon Merchandise

Calling all otakus! Does shopping get to your head? Buy a souvenir in the image of our mascot! Yurika and her friends are featured in a collection of limited edition items. All profits are used to fund the next Otakuthon! Encourage us, and at the same time, show your appreciation to otaku culture! (^.^)v



Available in black or in white, prints in colors. Annual editions, quantity limited! S, M, L, XL, XXL (extra 2.50$ for XXL)


Stainless water bottle

Water bottle with cap and straw integrated, to match with the Otakuthon sport bag!


Otakuthon sport bag

Sport bag for the gym... or your next Otakuthon convention!


Otakuthon Lightstick

Lightstick with the convention's logo - many options and changing colors, batteries included!



Long lasting glowsticks, perfect for all-night-long party! Various colors.



Mugs with the mascots Yurika, Yatsumi, Yumi and Yuki in their Edo theme cosplay.



Stick them on the stuff you like, so you'll like them even more with Otakuthon's mascots! (Share some with your friends too :P)



Chibi version of Otakuthon's 4 mascots. Collect them all!


Badge holder Yurika

Wear proudly your convention's badge with this gadget! The badge holder is retractable and good quality. It is also designed to hang keys and other goodies.


Cosplay Repair Kit

No worries with this cosplay repair kit, solutions are at your fingertips!


Yurika Headphones

Earbud headphones with storage compartment for the retractable wire.


Eco bag

Foldable eco bag turning into a pouch for storage, made ​​from recycled water bottles. Be green while supporting your favorite convention!


Glass Bottle

Water bottle with double walls, for hot or cold beverages. Why just water? Make some tea with this trend bottle featuring a filter for infusions.


Trading Cards (4)

Otakuthon's four mascots put their school uniform on one side and their cosplay on the other. Collect them all!


Uchiwa Fan (carton)

Getting hot in your cosplay? Get the Otakuthon uchiwa!


Yurika Keychain

Quality PVC keychain - colors will not fade! Yurika will follow you everywhere and keep an eye on your keys.


Magnetic Photo Frame

Pull apart the two parts and here is a magnetic photo frame for a 4x6 picture and a magnet with Yurika in the middle!



Take some notes with this otaku note pad :P


Microfiber Pouch

Pouch for dices, cards, little collector objects, etc. The microfiber fabric is also perfect to clean your portable devices screens too! 3x6 in.


Sticky Notes with case

Don't lose the page! With all these colors, pen included and awesome case, you'll make people jealous ^^


Compressed Towel

For home or as a present, handy for travels. Put it in water…and voilà, a wonderful towel 23x15½in! (Caution: Do not open dry, it will damage the towel!)


Notepad with pen

Notepad to take some notes or to draw your best kawaii sketches.

Matsuri Snacks

What’s a party without party food?

Note: Alcohol will not be served and is not permitted on the premises.

Food Price (taxes included)
Soft Drink Can $1.00
Juice $1.00
Bottled Water $1.00
Bubble Tea $3.50 (plain)
$4.00 (with bubbles or jelly litchi)
Pocky (small, chocolate or strawberry) $1.50
Pocky (large, various flavours) Variable price
Chocolate and hazelnut Taiyaki $3.00
Red bean Taiyaki $3.00
Kawaii chibi Cupcake $1.50
Choco-banana $3.00
Choco-marshmallow $2.00
Ramen with seasonings $3.50
Mini Onigiri (Furikake seasoned) $2.00
Popcorn $1.00
Ghost Double Dip Oreo $1.00

That's right, you saw it here! We will be offering bubble tea and other surprises that will be revealed at the party! Limited edition mystery snacks, matsuri ambiance guaranteed!

And Much More!


The Otakuthon Halloween party will be offering a free karaoke block over the span of the night. A fully equipped mini-stage is available for participants who want to have fun and take on the challenge of singing in public in front of your fellow otaku! A catalog of Japanese songs is available on site. From J-Pop to anime theme songs, we have a wide variety of songs to choose from.

Anime Dance with DJ 401

Are you guys ready to get down and funky? How about busting a move? We’ve got a rocking Anime DJ Dance that’s going to tear up the dance floor during the party! Dive into the musical universe of your favorite anime, J-POP, J-Dance, J-Core and other popular dance music. So get loose, get fun, and get ready to dance the roof off of the place!

DJ 401 is a Montreal DJ whose passion for J-Music was set ablaze by convention dance floors and Japanese DJs and producers. His style revolves around EDM music and he never tires of going off road with different and new beats.

Video Games

This is an otaku party, right? Then of course it will require a bunch of game controllers! :)

Several video game consoles will be at your disposal, free of charge! A team of volunteers will help you discover or re-discover games in good company! Come and challenge monsters on screen or even ones sitting next to you in cosplay!

Cosplay King and Queen Contest

For all of you eager cosplayers out there, we’ve got a great event going on called Cosplay King and Queen! Party attendees who wish to participate in this event are required to register during the party as there will be a judging process in place. All participants will be asked to be present at the designated room in order for the judging to happen. Grand prizes will be awarded to the ones crowned King and Queen of the party! Smaller prizes will also be awarded even if you don't win!

Cosplay RPG Battle

Calling all cosplayers looking to form a battle party and take down their enemies in classic Japanese RPG style! Powered by our own game engine, there is no pen and paper to track your HP. All battles will be fought out in real-time to truly capture the feeling of being in an RPG.

Silent Screams Screening Room

A nice place to relax after a few hours of partying hard, the screening room will be open and presenting a variety of horror themed anime for your viewing enjoyment.


It's cold outside, but you'll want to quickly remove your coat once you're inside! Need a place to leave your coat during the party? Lockers will be available for use at no extra cost... that is, if you bring your own lock! Forgot to bring a lock? You can also rent locks at the following rates:

Small lock: $2.00 deposit, $1.00 rental

Large lock: $4.00 deposit, $2.00 rental

Spaces are limited, so they will be distributed on a first come, first served basis!

Note: The Otakuthon Halloween Party and Centre Jean-Claude-Malépart will not be responsible for lost, stolen, missing, or damaged items. Please do not store fragile or valuable items!

Hours and Location

Party Hours

Events Time
Registration 5:00pm - 11:00pm
Activities 6:00pm - Midnight
Matsuri Games 6:00pm - Midnight
Matsuri Snacks 6:00pm - Midnight
Cosplay King & Queen Contest 9:00PM


The Centre Jean-Claude Malépart is a modern multipurpose facility that serves as the cultural, recreational and athletic center for the residents of the Sainte-Marie district. Located in a residential neighborhood, the Centre Jean-Claude Malépart is easily accessible via public transport, having several bus routes with stops near the center and the Frontenac metro being only a few steps away.

Website: http://cjcm.ca/

Centre Jean-Claude-Malépart
2633, rue Ontario Est
Montreal (Quebec) H2K 1W8

Public Transportation

Metro station:
Frontenac (~5 minute walk)

Regular buses:
85 Hochelaga
94 D'Iberville
125 Ontario
185 Sherbrooke

Night buses:
350 Verdun/Lasalle
353 Lacordaire/Maurice-Duplessis
355 Pie-IX
356 Lachine/Mtl-Trudeau/Des Sources
357 Saint-Michel
358 Sainte-Catherine
360 Avenue Des Pins
362 Hochelaga/Notre-Dame
364 Sherbrooke/Joseph-Renaud

For those of you who are taking the metro, please remember that the Blue Line closes at 00h30 and the Green Line closes at 01h00 so make sure you set out your travel plans accordingly!

Driving Directions

From Highway 40 Direction East:

  1. Take exit 74 toward Rue D'Iberville
  2. Merge onto Boul Crémazie E
  3. Turn left onto Rue Ontario E
  4. Destination will be on the left

From Highway 20 Direction East:

  1. Continue onto Ville-Marie Expy/Autoroute 720 E
  2. Continue onto Boulevard Ville Marie N
  3. Continue onto Rue Notre-Dame E
  4. Turn left onto Rue Frontenac
  5. Turn right onto Rue Ontario E
  6. Destination will be on the left

From Highway 10

  1. Take exit 58 for Autoroute 10 W toward Center-Ville/Downtown/Montréal
  2. Merge onto Autoroute 10 O
  3. Take the exit onto Ville-Marie Expy/Autoroute 720 E toward Autoroute Ville-Marie
  4. Continue onto Boulevard Ville Marie N
  5. Continue onto Rue Notre-Dame E
  6. Turn left onto Rue Frontenac
  7. Turn right onto Rue Ontario E
  8. Destination will be on the left


The Centre Jean-Claude-Malépart does not offer parking spaces. The streets around the CJCM are limited in parking spots, so please consider opting for public transporation or carpooling!

Weapons Policy

If it's illegal outside the event, it's illegal inside the event.

For the safety of all party attendees, the following policy towards such items will be strictly enforced. Costumers are expected to read and comply to it completely. Failure to do so will result in warnings and potentially loss of event membership.

  1. NO live firearms. Removal of firing pin or bolt does not negate this rule! Airsoft guns are also considered live firearms and are not acceptable.

  2. NO prohibited weapons (as defined by applicable Canadian Laws).Examples include (but are not limited to):

    • Bali-song("butterfly knife") or switchblade/dropblade style knives.
    • Nunchucks, tonfas, shurikens, or similarly restricted martial arts weapons which are illegal under the law (foam models of these items are permitted).
    • Law enforcement items such as batons, tazers or mace.

  3. NO replicas of contemporary firearms (i.e. beginning from the era of revolvers - U.S. Civil War forward to any currently manufactured firearms).

  4. All weapons must be holstered, sheathed or slung in an approved fashion.

  5. Weapons will not be drawn or displayed outside of event function space or in any public or crowded area except for specific photo ops areas.

  6. Due and full consideration must be given to physical safety and peace of mind of other persons at all times. This includes the general public and venue staff, not just other event attendees.

  7. All weapons or large props must be checked and authorized by the Weapons Masters at the Weapons Registration tables on arrival. Upon approval, the weapon(s) will be marked and your event bracelet marked accordingly. You cannot tamper with the mark on either your bracelet or weapon.

  8. Any weapons which fail to meet the safety criteria of the Weapons Masters must be immediately (and discreetly) returned to storage(e.g.: your vehicle) for the duration of the event or be checked by the Weapons Master. Please note it is your responsibility to pick up your checked weapons. Any props or weapons left with the Weapons Master beyond the end of the event become the property of Otakuthon.

  9. Otakuthon staff reserve the right to inspect weapons, peace bond and event bracelet markings at any time. Any signs of tampering will be referred to the Weapons Master for confirmation of authenticity and possible confiscation.

  10. Horseplay (of any kind, whether participants are consenting parties or not) with weapons will not be tolerated. All people involved may be penalized depending upon the nature of the severity of the offense. All complaints of behavior of this nature will be dealt with immediately by Otakuthon.

  11. Failure to adhere to any of the above rules will result in any or all of the following penalties being swiftly enforced:
    • Immediate loss of the privilege to carry weapons
    • Confiscation of the weapon, without possibly of return.
    • Expulsion from the event without refund
    • Any act of gross negligence or public endangerment that may result in criminal charges beyond the control of Otakuthon (please remember that the general public may have no idea that the event is in progress and may react in the extreme if they feel threatened).

The decision of the Weapons Master and Otakuthon Party organizers are final and will be strictly enforced to ensure a safe environment for all event attendees.


We receive many questions regard specific types of weapons. This section will hopefully clarify some of those questions**:





**NOTE: Even if a weapon meets the criteria of this section, it may still be rejected if it does not respect the weapons policy. Please contact halloweenreg@otakuthon.com if you have any questions or doubts about your weapon.

If you have any questions, please contact halloweenreg@otakuthon.com. We reserve the right to reclassify any weapons regardless of any information given prior to the event.

Otakuthon reserves the right to confiscate any weapons for the duration of the event or to escort you outside the event area and forbid you to return with the weapon. Aggravated or repeated failure to obey the above policy may result in expulsion from the event without refund.



If you have any questions or comments, please contact halloween@otakuthon.com. We’ll reply as soon as possible.


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